To keep up with the changes in the world, the automotive industry needs to take a leap forward by developing new ways of thinking and methods of working and creating new products that bring sustainability. This is one of the most revolutionary times in the automotive industry and also the most exciting. Breakthroughs in hybrid technologies, automobile connectivity, self-driving cars, and other innovations in the industry are required. Carpooling and new business models are not just impacting the industry. They are ready to drive the future of vehicle manufacturing.

Automobiles have been a driving force in societal change over the past hundred years, but automakers still have a long way to go. The biggest challenge car makers face today is environmental issues, to help create a cleaner space, reduce road accidents and improve safety, and make travel more convenient and equitable for everyone.

BCG' approach

BCG has the experience and global reach to transform today's automotive industry leaders and empower tomorrow's game changers.

They believe in developing a successful strategy. The automotive industry needs to reinvent models and reshape the technology by scaling and pivoting through the current business models. In addition, to improve automobile services, the industry should find better ways of working by going through digital transformation, reengineering the R&D department, and expanding towards new businesses and mobility services like self-driving cars.

BCG has a global team of specialized automotive consultants to help customers reach bold ambitions and help them make sound decisions by drawing on knowledge and years of experience. BCG helps its clients analyze the impact of key industry trends on their business. Their automotive strategists have extensive experience and actively participate in major global automotive markets. BCG uses a diagnostic process to address clients' problems, toolkits, and recommendations to help customers make decisions. In addition, they assist clients in identifying new approaches and help them throughout the implementation and execution of those ideas.

BCG works throughout the automotive value chain, from standardizing corporate strategy and creating shareholder value to integrating improvement programs and assembling organizational designs.

Moreover, BCG has established six centers in the field to manage products and innovation in the automotive industry:

  1. Climate Change & Electrification Center
  2. Center for Product Creation in Automotive
  3. Center for Operations in Automotive
  4. Center for Sales & Marketing in Automotive
  5. Center for Digital in Automotive
  6. Center for Mobility Innovation